God’s Sovereign Will: What Was God Thinking?

This is post 5 in our ongoing series reviewing pastor Bill Johnson’s book God Is Good: He is Better than You Think.

Pastor Bill Johnson tells a story about a woman he asked to pray for during a church service. She was suffering from cancer. Her reply was, “God has given me cancer to teach me patience.” To which Johnson replied, “If I treated my children that way, I would be arrested for child abuse.” The woman reconsidered, agreed to be prayed for and was healed. Continue reading “God’s Sovereign Will: What Was God Thinking?”

Judgment or Abundant Life?

In our last post in the series reviewing Bill Johnson’s new book God is Good: He is Better than You Think, we turned to the question whether God’s judgment of mankind at the Fall makes God a child abuser, and concluded from Scripture the answer is emphatically no. Far from being evil, God’s judgment of the world displays His perfect justice, and to think otherwise is to suggest Jesus’ death on the Cross was unnecessary. Continue reading “Judgment or Abundant Life?”

God the Abusive Father

If you have been following our latest posts exploring Bill Johnson’s new book Good is Good: He is Better than You Think and the broader topic of God’s goodness, then you will know by now the fact that God is ultimately responsible for human suffering is inescapable. In fact, for Him not to be responsible, He would either have to be not aware of the suffering taking place, not present when it does, or not powerful enough to do anything about it. In short, He would have to not be God. Continue reading “God the Abusive Father”