The Beginning

Excerpted from Earth Tales

There once was a God who, being God, set out to make a world that was an expression of Himself. He made it beautiful, just as he was beautiful. He made it majestic, just as He was majestic. He made it vast and diverse and creative, just as He was vast and diverse and creative.

He made it highly complex and layered with meaning and understanding but also unfathomable in mystery, just as He was complex and highly intelligent but also unfathomable in wisdom and understanding. Continue reading “The Beginning”

What Do You Expect? Living with an Absolutely Impossible God

This post is the result of a failed experiment.

Exactly four weeks ago (yes, my faithful readers, that is how long it has been since I have posted), my college-aged son came to me with a question. It was precipitated by a healing service he had attended at a local church, which had been a positive experience, but which left him wondering: What can we actually expect from God as far as miraculous healing is concerned? Continue reading “What Do You Expect? Living with an Absolutely Impossible God”

The Tight Rope

Pastor Kris Vallotton of Bethel Church in Redding, California is known for addressing relevant topics in the Christian life in a down-to-earth and honest manner. He lives up to the tagline of his blog: Raw, Real and Relevant. Time and again, his blog posts — though drawing conclusions I do not always agree with — cause me to think hard about what it is I believe and what it means to be a Christian. Continue reading “The Tight Rope”