Quantum Mechanics of the Spiritual Life

Two electrons were traveling alongside one another toward the same destination (the far wall) but, due to various events, managed to cross paths. One might say they interfered with one another, and that interference caused their final destination to change. They still arrived at the far wall, but the exact location where each arrived was different from what it would have been, had they not interfered with one another. Continue reading “Quantum Mechanics of the Spiritual Life”

A God Too Good for Our Own Good

Long ago, at a time before recorded history, a man was arrested by the emperor of the land in which he lived and thrown into to a dungeon to live out the rest of his days. During that time, the man was regularly beaten and tortured, and was often on the brink of starvation. He had little shelter from the cold around him, and regularly suffered illness and disease.

Then one day, the man, finding the door to his cell unlocked, managed to escape. Seeking to discover why he had been condemned to such a life, he disguised himself as a palace guard, infiltrated the palace grounds, and confronted the emperor in his private chambers. But upon seeing the man and hearing his complaint, the emperor said, “Condemn you? I have nothing but good intentions for you. On the contrary, I allowed you to be sent to prison because it was always in my heart that you find the means to escape it.” Continue reading “A God Too Good for Our Own Good”

The Child Who Refused to Be Comforted

Pastor Bill Johnson tells of a life-changing event in his own life when, after months of prayer to see miraculous healing in his church, he had an encounter with God. During this encounter, the power of the Holy Spirit came upon him. He felt God speak to him and ask, “Did you mean it when you said to me, ‘Lord, whatever it takes’?” Continue reading “The Child Who Refused to Be Comforted”