The Tight Rope

Pastor Kris Vallotton of Bethel Church in Redding, California is known for addressing relevant topics in the Christian life in a down-to-earth and honest manner. He lives up to the tagline of his blog: Raw, Real and Relevant. Time and again, his blog posts — though drawing conclusions I do not always agree with — cause me to think hard about what it is I believe and what it means to be a Christian. Continue reading “The Tight Rope”

Quantum Mechanics of the Spiritual Life

Two electrons were traveling alongside one another toward the same destination (the far wall) but, due to various events, managed to cross paths. One might say they interfered with one another, and that interference caused their final destination to change. They still arrived at the far wall, but the exact location where each arrived was different from what it would have been, had they not interfered with one another. Continue reading “Quantum Mechanics of the Spiritual Life”