The Christian Soul: Miracles

I doubt there are many believers in Jesus who have not experienced at least one miracle in this life. 

For me, there was the time when my sister was sent to the hospital because she was hemorrhaging internally. The doctors could not stop the bleeding, and things were becoming critical. My parents called for the priest to administer the Prayer for the Sick. Which, if you know anything about Catholic doctrine, you know is the sacrament you often receive just before death. Moments after the priest prayed, however, the bleeding inexplicably stopped.

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The Christian Soul: Faith

The idea that the Christian life is essentially about relinquishing control may be something you are on board with, but the Bible-believing friend next to you may not be so sure. After all, where is “control” mentioned in the Bible? Did Jesus ever use the word “control”? Technically, no. But Jesus of course had much to say about repentance and uncompromising surrender.

But more importantly, the act of relinquishing control, in the way we are meaning it, goes by a different name in the Bible: It is called faith. Continue reading “The Christian Soul: Faith”

A God Too Good for Our Own Good

Long ago, at a time before recorded history, a man was arrested by the emperor of the land in which he lived and thrown into to a dungeon to live out the rest of his days. During that time, the man was regularly beaten and tortured, and was often on the brink of starvation. He had little shelter from the cold around him, and regularly suffered illness and disease.

Then one day, the man, finding the door to his cell unlocked, managed to escape. Seeking to discover why he had been condemned to such a life, he disguised himself as a palace guard, infiltrated the palace grounds, and confronted the emperor in his private chambers. But upon seeing the man and hearing his complaint, the emperor said, “Condemn you? I have nothing but good intentions for you. On the contrary, I allowed you to be sent to prison because it was always in my heart that you find the means to escape it.” Continue reading “A God Too Good for Our Own Good”