What Do You Expect? Living with an Absolutely Impossible God

This post is the result of a failed experiment.

Exactly four weeks ago (yes, my faithful readers, that is how long it has been since I have posted), my college-aged son came to me with a question. It was precipitated by a healing service he had attended at a local church, which had been a positive experience, but which left him wondering: What can we actually expect from God as far as miraculous healing is concerned? Continue reading “What Do You Expect? Living with an Absolutely Impossible God”

God’s Mosquito

To my readers: Here’s a mid-week bonus between our usual essays. If you’d like to hear the back-story for this poem, or share your own experience pertaining to its content, leave a comment. Enjoy!

I am God’s mosquito;
I have nothing to fear.
I may be small in my eyes but
I’m buzzing in His ear.

Before the Throne of Heaven
I may be but a pest,
But day and night I’m praying
I’m giving Him no rest.

In darkness drawn to Divine warmth
And also Divine breath
Am I, and I unyielding shall
Escape the cords of death.

The acts of God past present still
To come are without number
And I shall now — say what you will —
Awake him from His slumber.