The Edicts

Hi esteemed reader! Thank you for visiting my web site. A few quick words about posting comments, as the rules for this site are slightly different than what you might be used to:

  1. On Topic Please! This site is designed to promote thoughtful reflection on various aspects of the Christian faith. Accordingly, the comments section ideally serves to promote further dialogue on the points raised in each essay, and is not a space for open-ended debate.
  2. No Ranting! I define a rant as multiple unsubstantiated negative claims in quick succession, usually intended for rhetorical effect. Rants are the opposite of engaging thoughtfully with the essay. This is not really the place to nurse your grudges.
  3. No Trolling! Merriam-Webster has a definition for this — to “antagonize online by deliberately posting inflammatory, irrelevant, or offensive comments or other disruptive content.” But it also means coming to this site with any agenda.

    I will normally give benefit of doubt here, but if you consistently demonstrate your motives are other than thoughtful dialogue promoting greater understanding on the topic at hand, I will happily bar you from this site for the sake of our readers to ensure a good online experience 🙂

Thank you for abiding by (and enduring the reading of) the edicts, and I look forward to your participation!