Not Seeing

For some time I have carried with me the notion that

blessed are they who have not seen and yet still believe

means “Blessed are they who have absolutely no idea whether they are on the right track or not but somehow make it in the darkness,” but realize this is not the case.

For Scripture also says:

If we claim to have fellowship with him yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live by the truth

I shed this imperfect understanding like a coat too heavy for me, along with it the belief that I am pleasing by how blindly I conduct my affairs down here on earth.

The truth is — and this is vital — God never intended that we be without spiritual light. Our whole souls can be, should be, filled with the light of perfect direction and perfect understanding. It should not be a flash in the pan upon conversion, followed by years of walking around clueless wondering what it is all about. Such a life is not blessed. It is merely difficult, frustrating, and ultimately disappointing.

Socrates said, “The examined life is not worth living.” We have One to examine not only our hearts but the world around us through this wonderful light. We are not called to be tough guys who can stick it out against all odds, but mere children who — yes — will stick it out — but because they have the hand of their Father who is in secret.

Let our cry not be, “I can take this one myself,” but rather, “I need You on this one.” The greatest place of blessing is to become as a child, ever dependent, ever leaning, on the One we love.

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