Faith in the Face of Suffering

I have a brother who says he would like to believe in God but cannot understand how a loving God would allow there to be suffering in the world. I have never asked him what suffering in particular he is referring to. It could be any of a number I suppose, but I suspect his objection might pertain to the one sister we lost to cancer several years back, or the brother we lost to a motorcycle accident several years before that. Continue reading “Faith in the Face of Suffering”

The Evidence of the Unseen

Now faith is  . . . the evidence of things not seen.

Faith is not blind.  If my definition of belief is to do something when it makes no sense to do so, to me and everyone else, that may seem brave, even pious and noble, but at best, it is hope combined with a whole lot of uncertainty. Continue reading “The Evidence of the Unseen”

Not Seeing

For some time I have carried with me the notion that

blessed are they who have not seen and yet still believe

means “Blessed are they who have absolutely no idea whether they are on the right track or not but somehow make it in the darkness,” but realize this is not the case. Continue reading “Not Seeing”