The Art of Christian Persuasion

I am in the process of reading a book titled Fool’s Talk by Os Guiness. It is great read about the art of Christian persuasion, that is: Persuading others concerning the virtue of the Christian faith. But it has taken me nearly three-quarters of the book to realize that, honestly, I am not a big fan of Christian persuasion. I am not even sure Christians should be in the business of persuading. Continue reading “The Art of Christian Persuasion”

Dreaming with God

If there is one thing that my devoted readers may not know about me, it is that long before my years as a Protestant evangelical deeply embedded in the charismatic revival culture, I was a Catholic. This would be an unimportant bit of information, even to myself, were it not for the fact that in recent years, I have found myself, quite by accident, gravitating back to my Catholic roots. Continue reading “Dreaming with God”